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Automotive and Transportation

Transportation companies require verification of the parts/products they manufacture to customer specifications and are often expected to provide regular updates to ensure quality levels are met.

Operations commonly include machining, stamping, molding, forging, grinding, welding, assembly, or some other precision process, where critical quality control and procedures must be completed, and causes must be assigned and corrective action taken when deviations or defects occur. (Out of Control Process).

Storing the resulting data in the central WinSPC system allows easy monitoring, supervision and analysis of the information for continuous improvement. (Control Panels/ Dashboards/ Plant Monitor/ Personalized Professional Reports).

WinSPC allows:

  • Automatically collect data from meters, CMMs and almost any metrology device.
  • Train operators in minutes, due to its simple interface and online visual aids (Plans/Work Instructions/Training Videos).
  • Identify trends and prevent parts from being machined out of spec.-Quickly generate professional quality reports for PPAP. (Capacity studies/ CP/CPK/PP/PPK).
  • Monitor performance by machine, cell, part number, batch, etc.-Replace data recording on paper or Excel, with a return on investment in 4 months.

Defense and Aerospace

Leading defense and aerospace companies select WinSPC for real-time quality control.

They use the system to collect data from a wide variety of devices, including serial gauges such as micrometers and calipers, optical measurement products, and computerized maintenance management systems.

By keeping track of real-time data, defense and aerospace companies are able to alert operators to out-of-control situations, trends and patterns that, if undetected, could lead to a defective product.

By responding to process variation in real time on the shop floor, it’s easier to achieve continuous improvement goals.



With WinSPC defense and aerospace companies can:

  • Reduce the cost and variation of processes, making them more predictable.
  • Apply predictive statistical analysis at the point of production.
  • Produce reports that show historical trends, comparisons, and analysis that often lead to process and design improvements.
  • Collect product manufacturing information and visualize it in cumulative, actionable graphs.
  • Have a timely response and quick resolution of problems.
  • Create reports on the most critical manufacturing aspects.

Consumer goods

In the consumer goods industries, brand quality and customer satisfaction are everything. Competition is fierce and margins are tight.

WinSPC enables manufacturers to produce high-quality products efficiently, while continuously improving manufacturing productivity.

Many of these products are manufactured in high volumes, making them especially suitable for a real-time SPC program.

Your operations may include extrusion, fabrication, machining, assembly or other processes, benefiting from SPC controls to verify critical characteristics of dimensional variables and attributes (visual defects, functional pass/fail tests, color, etc.).

This is an industry that has adopted automated inspection equipment to enhance its metrology capabilities. WinSPC allows integration with automated meters, CMMs, Keyence measuring equipment, laser inspection devices, PLCs, vision systems, internal databases, Excel files and other data sources. In this way, WinSPC directly helps manufacturers to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the quality of products and processes.
  • Reduce warranty repair costs
  • Prevent product defects

Construction materials

Building materials companies are using WinSPC to reduce variation in manufacturing processes.

One of the key factors in producing reliable and durable building materials is a consistent production process, which requires an effective SPC tool.

WinSPC can give building materials companies the ability to quickly detect and correct a process problem before a defect occurs.

This technology is key to instituting a more efficient and higher value problem prevention strategy.



WinSPC key benefits for building materials companies:

  • Greater reliability in the final product
  • Reduced variation, rework and waste.
  • Quick return on investment, after just a few months of using WinSPC.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Improves process capability.
  • Optimize employee time spent collecting data through automated SPC.
  • It is intuitive and easy to use
  • Data presentation is efficient for operators and supervisors
  • Allows for easy integration with past, present and future systems.
  • It supports multiple SQL databases and supports expansion plans.


Food and drinks

WinSPC offers the tools for food and beverage companies to automate the collection of weights, temperatures and other quality controls, which allow processes to be controlled with graphs and alarms in real time.

Your operators and plant managers can identify, address, and monitor process changes within control parameters.

Within the first 90 days, our customers report drastically improving performance, reducing variability, and achieving goal compliance.

WinSPC provides dashboard views, reports, and analysis tools to monitor activities and investigate problems. It also allows:

  • Connect to scales, verify weighers, vision systems, metal detectors, PLCs, etc.
  • Multiple functions to support SQF (Safe Quality Food) and various industry regulations (FDA21).
  • Alarms to alert supervisors of trends by SKU, line, fill head, etc.
  • Analyze, detect and control the variability that causes overfilling or underfilling.
  • Connect with your suppliers to obtain automated Certificates of Analysis (COA).
  • Provide unique analysis tools to calculate variance and overweight costs.
  • Simplified digital signatures for easy compliance with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Meet the weight variation objectives described in the NIST Manual 133.

Medical devices

Companies in the life sciences and medical device industry often have extensive quality tests to track production and must maintain that data for a long period of time.

Your operations may include various machining, plastic molding, chemical mixing, laboratory analysis, assembly, packaging and other processes.

Trying to apply SPC using paper or Excel is a common starting point. But these manual methods require a lot of overhead and offer little help in identifying root causes. WinSPC can reveal hidden variations in a process, provide feedback on trends and patterns that lead to defects, and reduce inaccuracy from paper solutions.

SPC Pro combines Six Sigma, SPC and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 expertise with award-winning SPC software and implementation services. WinSPC can predict and prevent defects during the manufacturing process. While traditional quality control methods tend to identify faults too late, after defective products have been produced or shipped, real-time SPC applications allow instant insight into your process, giving your operators and engineers the opportunity to Correct and control process variations.

WinSPC complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic signatures through its built-in audit trails, advanced security controls, traceability support, and database management.

Implementing WinSPC in your production environment allows you to improve product and process control while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. SPC Pro offers manufacturers a fast, turnkey approach. Our solution delivery services provide software installation, configuration, custom integration, and validation services.

Our solutions and services have successfully passed third-party audits for compliance.

With WinSPC, manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices and pharmaceutical industries can:

  • Improve the quality of products and processes.
  • Improve product launch cycles.
  • Reduce quality costs.
  • Meet FDA compliance 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Provide audit logs throughout the system.
  • Prevent product defects and nonconformities.


Companies in the pharmaceutical industry choose WinSPC real-time SPC software to reduce costs and meet their customers’ regulatory requirements.

WinSPC facilitates use and measurement on the shop floor, the ability to interface with medical testing devices and manufacturing systems, traceability of your products, and compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11.

WinSPC provides the tools to monitor process quality in real time to reduce costs, while providing innovative technology to meet the most demanding customer specifications.

WinSPC allows:

  • Automation in data collection.
  • Monitoring and quality control of processes in real time.
  • Advanced statistical analysis.
  • Variety of predefined or custom quality reports.
  • Specific features to meet the requirements of FDA regulated industries.
  • Advanced security controls and password protection.
  • System-wide event log.


Quality control for complex automated operations.

Various manufacturing requirements characterize semiconductor and electronic manufacturers. Interoperability between SPC and other systems, such as ERP and MES, is key when it comes to automated manufacturing. SPC’s real-time analytics and capabilities provide a high-mix environment that generates volumes of data from metrology tools and test equipment that can already be captured and maintained in an existing database. Common data types may include product dimensions, electrical or functional tests, parametric data, bath temperatures, and other metrology results.

WinSPC integrates with other manufacturing systems (EPR / MES / PLM). Real-time process monitoring and control make a new process adjust quickly.

Well-designed management interface makes production changes faster and less repetitive and live dashboard views summarize performance by tool or device Production and management level alarms can automatically generate system responses, providing actionable information real-time corrective action and intelligent feedback directly to a user interface or other manufacturing systems.

Plastics and Packaging

Consistent packaging performance, whether it’s a carton, bottles or aluminum cans, is a critical quality element that enables your customers to improve the efficiency of their filling line and minimize downtime from package defects.

The lines operate at high speeds to rapidly produce large volumes of cartons or bottles. Any changes to the lines that prove faulty could quickly lead to cost overruns or eventually force them to run at lower speeds to maintain quality standards.

Over the years, many carton, aluminum and bottle packaging companies have attempted to manage their critical characteristic inspection results manually on paper or in Excel. This manual approach limits the detection of packets that are out of specification until after they are produced, and only provides post-process SPC to show past performance.

Maintaining this information manually is tedious work and does not generate the real-time results that multiple teams need to spot trends or find answers to the questions mentioned above.

Meanwhile, customers expect regular quality reports, eg Certificate of Analysis (COA), Certificates of Conformity (CofC), in unique custom formats that require heavy overhead to generate.

Regarding device connectivity: Testing package and print quality, in addition to measuring line performance, can involve a variety of metrology devices and control systems at multiple stages throughout the process.

WinSPC software allows you to produce the highest quality at the lowest possible cost

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