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Our products

MSA Gage Pro

Measurement Instrument Management Software

Through MSA Gage Pro you will be able to:

  • View in one place the status of devices, calibration events and tasks to be completed.
  • Follow the status of each device in an agile and fast way.
  • Schedule actions to be carried out by your staff.
  • Maintain a log of events for audits.
  • Obtain detailed reports of calibration, maintenance and MSA studies


Statistical Process Control Software

Through WinSPC you will be able to:

  • Reduce costs, losses / scrap
  • Avoid non-conformities
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce process variation
  • Comply with quality standards (IATF, ISO, FDA)
  • Optimize the manufacturing process

Additional WinSPC Modules

Customer Reviews

“We have increased the reliability of our data, we have saved time by obtaining information at the moment, to be analyzed as CPK, PPK and standard deviation data, among others.

The response time for our clients has been reduced, for the follow-up to the solution of problems and in the same way, in the audits that are carried out.

We have improved in the process, by having alarms that indicate significant variations in the process and with this, being able to give the appropriate follow-up to each case.

In general, the experience we have obtained with SPC Pro is satisfactory.”

Claudia Alvarado

Quality Engineer , STRATTEC

“Now we have statistical control to ensure the quality requirements of our clients, through preventive and corrective actions.

SPC Pro has provided us with prompt support from the technical service, either on site or remotely.”

Luis Medina

Quality Assurance Technician, CONMET

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